At FXOTP LTD, we are committed to providing you with the best customer experience we can, however we realise that we may not always live up to your expectations. In the unlikely event that you feel dissatisfied with any respect of our service we ask you to contact our Customer Support team via mail or via telephone. We will endeavour to resolve all issues within an expedient timeframe and respond to you acknowledging receipt of the issues you have raised.

If you are not satisfied with the response from our Customer Service agent, or you are unable to resolve the issue at this level, then you may raise the matter as a complaint with our Compliance Team. The team will undertake an independent assessment of the complaint with a full diagnosis of the events. They will assess whether you, the client has been treated fairly and examine if FXOTP LTD has met all its contractual and regulatory obligations in regard to the occurrence. A comprehensive written response will be provided within a maximum of eight weeks of receipt of the original complaint.

If you need to contact our Compliance Team, please write to us at

To help us investigate and resolve your complaint as expediently as possible, and with minimal inconvenience to yourself, please make sure you give us as much information as possible when contacting us, including.

  • Your name and client account number
  • Contact details
  • A precise description of your complaint
  • Copies of any relevant documents
  • Details of what you would like us to do to put it right

Once we have received your complaint then we will aim to resolve any issues as quickly as possible. Some issues may take longer to investigate, although we will always provide a response in a prompt manner and will keep you informed of any delays in the investigation process. Our ‘final response’ once issued, will document, and explain the full outcome of our investigation.

We believe that providing clients with access to mechanisms for dealing with complaints about financial services is a fundamental component of the regulatory regime.